Thursday, June 23, 2011

You can find me...

Oh Gosh, when I typed the heading of this blog, it brought me back to high school and Nelly's Country Grammar song. Haha.

BUT anyways, here is where you can find me :D

Right now you can find me lounging around the house, as I started an antibiotic this morning for a UTI (girls, you know how NOT fun these are) and it is making me nauseous. I DID get a little work done one the Kidney for Kristy project for my cousin. BUT, I have other things still to do, and have to make a meeting at work in a bit, followed by couponing night with some girlfriends tonight. WOO! I made one of my goals for the week :) Craft night aka coupon night. The first one we've done. Learning process.

Hope you all have a blessed Thursday.


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  1. Feel better soon! Thanks for helping me out today!